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(505) 899-2949

What is Rolfing (Structural Integration)?

What is Rolfing?
     Rolfing is a scientifically validated system of body restructuring (via fascia manipulation) and movement re-education.  Rolfing’s manipulation techniques release the body’s segments - feet, legs, pelvis, torso, arms, neck and head - from their life-long patterns of pain, tension and bracing. Thus, effectively re-aligning, balancing and alleviating pain, stress and tension from the human body.
     Body misalignment within the Earth’s gravitational field results in chronic strain, pain, stress, lowered vitality and impaired biological and psychological functioning. To see the detrimental effect gravity has on a misaligned structure, let’s look at Italy’s “Leaning Tower of Pisa”- due to the powerful effects gravity has had over the ages on this historic structure, engineers have had to recently install metal rods to brace the tower to prevent it from toppling over. The human structure too, has had to endure braces, fused vertebrae, implanted metal rods and pain numbing drugs - all in a futile attempt to counter the negative affects of living in a misaligned body within the field of gravity.

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